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A Leading Research Organization in Greece

The Centre for Technological Research of Central Greece (CTR-CG) was founded by the Presidential Decree 171/2003. It is a private legal body under the supervision of the Ministry of Education of Greece with headquarters in Lamia, connected with the Technological Educational Institute of Lamia. CTR-CG includes seven Institutes for Research and Technology Transfer.

Personnel: The Research/Scientific staff at CTR-CG consists of faculty members with an outstanding academic profile from the broader academic community of Central Greece. Currently it counts 34 faculty members and several collaborating researchers.

Infrastructures: CTR-CG has world-class infrastructures to support high throughput experimentation with hundreds of workstations and grid computing access, as well as high quality network and multimedia equipment for distance learning activities.

Mission: CTR-CG fosters technological research, develops novel methodologies, applications and products in order to:
  • Cope with open issues of services and production processes, thus catalyzing social and economic growth in the Region of Central Greece.
  • Couple research to industry through the transfer of technology and know-how as well as through the incorporation of research results in products and services of production units.
   Through these activities, CTR-CG:
  • Collaborates with the associated Technological Educational Institute of Lamia and promotes the development of the relations with other Institutes, Research Centres, Universities or other organizations of the public and private sector.
  • Maintains an interactive relationship with the productive units and the organized unions of the local economy.
  • Qualifies students and graduates in state of the art technological sectors.
  • Improves quality of products and services as well as the competitiveness of economy in Central Greece as well as in the greater Mediterranean Area.
  • Elaborates studies and carries out specific research and technology projects funded by the Government, the EU or ordered by third parties or in collaboration with third parties.
  • Promotes the advanced technology transfer and disseminating of know-how.
  • Supervises the organization and financing of Research  Technological programs in Greece and abroad, as well as of Publications, Seminars and Conventions.
  • Produces technological products and provides novel services in accordance with its research-technological interests.


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